Nicole and Ricky | Engagement

We traveled down to Lethbridge with our fingers crossed that the wind would behave, having lived there for many years I am well aware of the intensity of the winds.  Nicole chose Henderson Lake as the backdrop for her session and the trees were beautiful, would have been fabulous for some blue sky too but these two happily persevered the Lethbridge ‘breeze’ and rocked their shoot.  I was surprised that they both braved without their jackets considering the cold temperatures right off the water.  It was fun getting to know more about the two of them and hearing about their plans for the big day, ideas on a ‘honeymoon’ and even a muddin’ session in the future.  It’s all going to be so fabulous and I am certainly looking forward to the big day!!


Nicole-&-Ricky10 Nicole-&-Ricky1 Nicole-&-Ricky5 Nicole-&-Ricky3 Nicole-&-Ricky2 Nicole-&-Ricky11 Nicole-&-Ricky12 Nicole-&-Ricky9 Nicole-&-Ricky6 Nicole-&-Ricky8 Nicole-&-Ricky

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