A Little Fun at Forget-me-not Pond | Children

This sweet Mumma was totally on board for trying something new for her children’s photos this year.  A change up for her walls… a kind of ‘Huck Finn’ style.  She crafted the fishing poles and we loaded up a picnic and headed off.  The light was just perfect when we arrived and we wasted no time capturing shots of her boys thinking they might be ‘busy’ little ones but that was not the case, the kids settled in to simply enjoy it all.  They were eager about everything we presented them with and were still wanting to ‘Go Fishing’ as we were packing things up.  Perfect spot for a perfect afternoon.

Griffiths-children Griffiths-children2 Griffiths-children5 Griffiths-children4 Griffiths-children3 Griffiths-children6 Griffiths-children8 Griffiths-children11 Griffiths-children10 Griffiths-children13 Griffiths-children14

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